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Channeling #31 from 13.04..1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


31st channel from 13.04.1996 between Padmasambhava and my friend Walter Horn (topic: forces of life, d, fears):

... Today is another special day. Today you will first deal with the forces of life and then with your inner forces.
Think of it this way: The forces of life accompany you parallel to your existence. The forces of life reflect your innermost being, your aliveness, your spirit, mind, consciousness and matter. The forces of life are carried by the particles of light of GOD and contain the love of our almighty Father. The forces of life allow the juices to rise up through the roots to the crown, as in a tree trunk. They convey a unity, a whole, which carries your life.
The forces of life are nourished on the one hand by the cosmic energies and on the other by your food. Your food is broken down, decomposed and disintegrated in your body and reaches your cells through your bloodstream to the smallest parts of your body. Trust, you will see, all substances, whether waste products or nutrients, are transported through your body by your blood and thus bring about your life. Always remember that man is a miracle work from GOD's hand and that you respect and love all human beings. This miracle work is unique even in form. No other being has such a complicated body structure, believe me. Man is the crown of creation, formed from GOD's hand and refined and improved again and again. GOD created this marvel in his own image.
Yes, you are amazed, but of course this does not mean that GOD now looks exactly like you humans, no, only the forces of life are meant here. The forces of your life reflect the love of GOD. They accompany us and you, maintain our life functions. These forces form the original substance of all beings, in whatever form they exist. The forces are partial and contain your growth and your becoming.

So, now we come to the inner forces. The inner forces symbolise the power of evil, which give you the fears and the doubts, hinder you from doing good, make your mind work and not your heart feel. These forces are latently programmed into every human being. You cannot erase or reshape them, they are simply within you. These powers have important tasks that make your life multiform and teach you to discriminate, to distinguish between good and evil. GOD has implanted these characteristics in every human being, also in JESUS CHRIST and also in me. Today (in the spiritual world), of course, we no longer possess these characteristics. As soon as you return to Oneness, these forces go back to their origin. These forces move the world, that is, your earth, but also many other planets where polarity exists.
These forces symbolise your fears and in church jargon the devil with all his helpers and abettors. You have already recognised it correctly, for those who do not believe in Satan, for them he does not exist either.
Satan is a created thought-image for the person who believes in him or perhaps even worships him. This process moves the basic ecclesiastical thinking and moves the hearts of many people at all times. These people who have never found a foothold, who have only ever believed in evil, have never achieved their goal of receiving the love of GOD. Look at it this way, these forces, when they find a foothold, have a destructive effect. You can trace this in your church history.
Thousands, millions of people were executed in the name of GOD and JESUS CHRIST, by people who believed in the devil. These devils, that is fear, moved their hearts and these did not realise it. Fear is a terrible energy, I must emphasise this again and again. It makes you tremble and it makes you do things that you do not imagine and yet everything has its special purpose intended by GOD. Fear makes words come up in you that have been stored in your subconscious and you think they are coming from outside energies. You can clearly hear these words that have been played up, clairvoyant people can also perceive them as images.

If you are angry about them, then you strengthen them into force fields. If these words cause you fear, then you also amplify them. So remember, when they come, let them pass, accept them in love and rejoice that they are releasing from your heart and slowly being returned to their source. Love your neighbour as yourself, love these words too, not only in that sense, but accept them and let them pass in love.
The devil was made by men and through their fear he possesses such powers that he moves the whole world and still has a predominant position in churches. By believing in him, a huge force field is created that affects every believer and brings fear to him. Detach yourselves from the thoughts of the devil, of Satan, and you will be free from everything you feel and think. But independent of the devil, these inner forces exist. These are the antithesis of love and these are then powerful energies if you hold on to them and strengthen them. Every human being has to go his or her way, which was predetermined by God, and every human being has his or her special task in this life. Tasks that predominantly deal with love and fear. These two forces are constantly at work in your lives and influence them to the highest degree. Learn to feel with your heart and realise that love can be the only way. Fears block your path and prevent you from progressing in all your life situations, whether this has been in your school or in your job, or in your daily life or in your search for eternal life.
The fears that have acted upon man for centuries are still deep in every heart and these had to be called upon by love to leave him. Only love works these miracles, believe me, only love can overcome your fears and make you strong in faith in yourselves and in GOD, our Almighty Father. This path is the only one that leads back, there is no other and this path is hidden in each one of you. Pull your veils from your eyes and lift the barriers that still hinder you to walk this path.
God has laid it out for you for a very long time. But your task is to find it alone, free yourselves from the shackles of karma and fears and you will find this path. See this in this form. We will help you and you will be very happy. Fear is a vibration that floods the cosmos and finds a hold in every human being who doubts love, who doubts the good in human beings. The greater the doubt, the stronger the fear. The emperors and the kings of the past centuries and millennia had the greatest doubts. Their fear also increased the fears of the people. There were only a few who stood in really deep faith in GOD and were strong in themselves.
These kings had many successes because in their hearts they also carried the love of GOD and did not doubt their abilities. One of them was Richard the Lionheart, who was strong in faith and powerful in battle. Such men could have changed the world for the better, but there were very, very few who really understood this. Many kings were under the yoke of the Pope and the clergy, so they could no longer present their own thoughts for the good of the people. The power of the church in the Middle Ages was incredibly strong. But it could only grow stronger because it gave people fear, the fear of hell, of purgatory, of all the dark powers of this world. And fear spread through Europe with great horrors, horrors of wars, famines, the plague, and so on. Fear did all the work here during this time. Millions of people fell victim to it. Recognise from this past that it is no longer fear but love that is your companion. Only love can save you, see it as a task to find this path and to walk it continuously. GOD in His grace helps the one who seeks this path by all means. Go to it and find it, open your hearts and remember that only love and charity can bring this about.


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