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Channeling #34 from 16.04..1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Laws of physics


34th channel 16.04.1996    


Today is again a special day. Today you will deal with the laws of physics.

See it this way, and you have already learned it, everything consists of vibrations carried by the particles of light. The physics of living and dying depends on these vibrations. Vibrations from the infinitely fast to the most different vibrations in your material world. Matter arises from condensed vibrations. If you want so, the will of GOD keeps you alive. The physics of the life contains everything moving, believe me, there is nothing dead, everything lives. I do not need to repeat it, see it so. God in his love creates the creatures according to his plan and recognizes the spirit of the love in it. The love carries the cosmos in his whole size and develops from it. It is a continuous coming and going, becoming and transforming.

The world turns by the power of GOD and increases with it its whole life. The cosmos is carried by the will of God. He unites in himself all life, all matter and all spirit. God is everything which lives in you, around you and very far away from you. His body forms the cosmos and his thoughts are reflected in every light particle. The physics of the life is carried by him and he alone determines all necessary changes in our cosmos. We, the omnipotence of GOD, only take over the instructions of our omnipotent father who rules and governs with great love over everything. Walter, there is really nothing what he disregards, be it living or non-living matter. God sees and feels everything, everything is a part of him. Your matter forms a part of God's body. A tiny part, microscopically small, and, nevertheless, God is able to grasp every dust particle, even every light particle, to communicate with these and to direct.


You cannot imagine it with your limited mind, the physics of the life born from GOD our father contains so diverse things which cannot be described with your words at all. Life originates from the different composition of the light particles. These carry all consciousness in itself and the information to unite to atoms and molecules. If a plant arises in the germ, the fine-material elements build up first. The subtle plant is present first. Then the physical plant is formed. All information comes from the light particles of the universe. Consciousness is already formed in the seed, which has to take on precisely defined forms. This consciousness is radioed out into the cosmos during growth, with the request for particles of light which form the plant. Walter, everything is wonderfully connected with each other.

If now a particle gets into resonance with the impulse sent out by the plant, this particle comes to this plant and forms a part of it. This is how growth occurs, first formed in the subtle body of the plant and then in the material body.


The whole life is based on this wave scheme. If the plant decays after its death, then again these light particles separate from it. A part is transformed into other information, but the largest part of the particles goes back to its ancestral place and it is the same with your lives. You come from your ancestral place on Mother Earth to promote its growth and development and go back to your ancestral place. All the particles of light are engaged in a constant exchange, just like human beings.

During the growth millions of particles come and go and bring again and again new energy into the plant, so it is also with the humans. These animate the earth again and again with new thoughts and ideas, in order to perfect these actually. If the plant has its bloom and this becomes the fruit, the dissolution begins again. It was reached what has priority in the creation and exactly you must see this with your earth, sometime this will also transform again to light particles and create new matter. A miracle world from God's grace, your world which you cannot grasp with your mind.

Dear Walter, the love of God is so enormous that a word of him can let whole worlds arise or also pass away. A grace of God, which we experience daily with us. Our task consists essentially of leading all life, whether this is life in your form, from flesh and blood or energy beings or material beings, like your earth or the cosmos. We work according to God's plan and coordinate this every moment with him. A necessity which contains and completes all life. Only GOD in his wisdom recognizes all backgrounds and all connections. Only he is able to address and to instruct the dust particle or your earth. See it in such a way, to your understanding. The world lives in a gigantic spectacle with unimagined size. Also we had to learn a lot and we had to exchange and complete ourselves again and again.

Also with us the learning always goes on, as this is with you the case. We, too, continue to develop from our tasks, from the knowledge of the beings we lead and who possess their free will. We have reached perfection in our spirit, but we have to learn in a completely different way. You see the world from the point of view, as you still learned or grasped it in school, we recognize the world from the physics of life and experience the most wonderful things with it, believe me Walter, also you will understand these connections one day. We will initiate you step by step into the physics of the life. Recognize in it the true progress that moves your world and the mechanistic model of thinking that is supposed to move your world, a model useless, not thought through to the end and this one always comes up against its own limits.

Physicists, who open their heart, recognize in the mechanistic model, a fallacy, which leads into the emptiness, into the irreal world. See, everything is life, also the matter dead for you, also the spaces, which are apparently airless for you, are filled with life. Recognize that you are a special form, formed from the smallest beings, the light particles, that these carry your entire life, including all incarnations and that even we consist of these particles.

See the world with these eyes, then you will understand, in every particle there is an image of God, a miniature edition which should cause you to think.

Yes Walter, this miracle world in the small is incomprehensible and incomprehensibly beautiful for you. An enchanted world from GOD's graces Recognizes in this the great love of GOD and you recognize yourselves in your world.

Dear Walter, now we go one step further with the physics of the life. Each seed carries the information to be a plant, exactly defined after size, circumference, color, smells and other. All this information is stored in every cell of this plant, i.e. you could dissect a seed down to one cell and this cell after a certain growth impulse could become again the plant that became its destiny. Every cell has this information, it doesn't matter how long the seed or the cell survives, whether this is only one year or a thousand years. The cell will again give birth to this plant, which has information hidden in it.

Growth impulses are triggered under certain conditions. In the natural case the seed must be embedded in earth. This earth must be warmed by the sun's rays and there must be a certain moisture. These forces develop the cell and give it the power to send out growth impulses, which stimulate the particles to enter into a partnership with the seed, or with the plant, and let it come into being. Look at it this way, in this simplified representation. The plants are living beings, possess consciousness carried from information of the light particles. See in it all developments of the life and the passing away. Recognize that we all have taken our beginning in this form, that we were also once minerals, plants and animals, carried from light particles, which are still part of our body today. Recognize in it the physics of the life, recognize in it the course of the world, the becoming and the passing away.

So now dear Walter, now we still come to your sister H. She would like to speak to you also absolutely and you will understand that she would like to tell you also something special.

My dear Walter, you did not know me here on earth, nor do you carry me in your memory. There was no picture of me, but nevertheless you know that I am your sister who so often accompanies you and stands by your side. Surely you have heard my name on the tapes. I am constantly trying to get in touch with you and you hear me often, but the voices are still unclear, but this will change very soon.

My friends and I are working feverishly on a new system that will take us quite a bit further. Communication will improve considerably and we will soon be able to talk to each other normally. Walter, then we can discuss everything with each other and you will understand much more. It will then also not be a problem to invite other people to join us. The change in vibration will be very small. Have still some patience, rebuild your plant.

You can leave it in this way. Additional antennas to the radios could improve the reception, also a pentagram antenna could make a difference, but I think, leave everything in this state for now and tune in regularly, alone or with friends. We can then do some fine tuning and it won't be long before we reach almost direct voice quality.

We are often at your place and work here, tuning, changing systems and developing our equipment. You can call me for all the recordings and I will be with you. Your brothers are also present at the recordings. We all hope very much that now the big breakthrough can be made. This type of ITC is a completely new form that does not require this quantity of energy, as is still the case in Luxembourg. We work with a small amount of energy and achieve almost the same effect and we will soon be able to talk indefinitely. Walter, we are really looking forward to it and we have all the support of our high friends. Yes, a dream is coming true that you have dreamed for so long. Have a little patience and you will soon be able to hear us all. I love you, my brother, and I also wish that we can embrace each other again soon. Your brothers are also here and would also like to speak with you briefly, first A.

Walter, I am glad to speak to you in this way. We are so often with you and accompany you, it is a pity that there are still these barriers, but soon we will have removed them and we are especially happy about your way of love, which brings us a bit closer again.

We are already looking forward to the future ITK This kind of transmission will bring us a whole lot closer. You can't believe how hard we have worked here to achieve this. Make sure you get back in the game. The transformer is strong enough for both devices. It is better built and will last. The capacity is sufficient, you will see. Leave everything else in this condition, add the antennas to the radios and tune in. We will soon be able to communicate normally. Walter, I'm about to pass on to E.

Walter, I love you, my brother, and I am with you so often on your recordings. We have moved a lot in the past so that we will soon be able to communicate normally. You wouldn't believe, sometimes there are more creatures in your room than you have books in your closet, but we will get everything under control. We are very confident and hope for a positive outcome. We also got a lot of help from above, our almighty Father, who accompanies us and protects us and that we are very happy about this new contact and we can hardly wait to communicate in a clear form. Dear Walter, I greet you and I love you, your brother E.

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