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Channeling #33 from 15.04..1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Theme. Sound and colors / insecurity 


33. channel 15.04.1996    


Today you will deal with the sound of colors.

Colors are a mixture of sound and visual vision. Combined, they create patterns that, when put together in your eye, create shades. Shades that are processed by your brain into colors. These are mixed in such a way that you can develop a great many colors, actually an unlimited number. Sunlight is composed of three basic colors: Green, Red and Blue. These colors are created by an interplay of vibrations hidden inside the sun. These vibrations are so powerful that they propagate deep into space. All necessary energies for developments of the sun experience a constant addition by our almighty father.

See, the energies on the sun are so powerful that they produce tremendous sounds that affect your entire planetary system. These sounds also produce the primary colors of red, green and blue, which you can see in the refraction of light. In the refraction, however, even more colors can be produced, actually a whole color palette. However, these always result from the trinity of the white light. The colors are a gift of GOD to all his beings, because only the colors give the actual sense to the life. You can distinguish plants, animals, young, old and people from the different continents of the earth.

Colors are a play of the sounds and the vibrations. Each color contains a precisely defined vibration, which your brain produces and passes on to your eyes. The eyes get into resonance with the objects and recognize them in all shades of color depending on the differences in vibration. Now there are also people who do not recognize any colors or who recognize only the complementary colors. This results from misadjustments of your brain. As a rule this can be already a birth defect or caused by an accident. God does a service to these people by learning from these situations and reducing their karma. Mostly God decides that people become blind or are born blind. Depending on karma, he can also determine color blindness which must be carried in most cases to the end of the life.

Colors are a miracle work from God's graces and work in unimagined abundance. Colors, correctly put together, can cause healings. Colors in the right combination can bring the human being in vibration, let him revive. Colors are a help in all situations of life, in the household, in the office, in your environment. The effects of colors are immensely stimulating or depressing. Gray and black tones cause the wearer to be in a melancholic mood. Red, yellow or orange colors give people the necessary strength to actively intervene in their lives. Mind you, everything in the right mixture also makes sense.

Depending on your daily state of mind, you could deactivate or activate by wearing colored underwear.

Splashes of color on your clothes in the form of a scarf, a tie or even a jacket do amazing things. These color vibrations put together in the right mixture stimulate your own body in an unexpected way. They intervene just as deeply in your molecular structure and make it vibrate like music. Think of it this way: the colors act as stimulators with amazing results. If you are tired and weary, you need a lot of green, some yellow and some red.

If you want to be very active, all this mixture must be put together in a different ratio. With additional colors, like orange tones, also light purple tones, they already cause a calming down. You can find out this mixture yourselves by intuitive acting and arranging. Your subconscious knows you best. Feel into it and you will find the best color mixture. However, many people also love to wear shades of gray. However, they should then color their surroundings and make sure to always create a certain balance. Colors in medicine work in a similar way. The color composition recognized by your eyes reflects a certain or exactly defined vibration, which brings your body in disharmony back into harmony. For example, inflammation can be excellently stabilized with a delicate green or gold.

Red, orange or yellow are used when an organism is tense, tired or exhausted. But in your color therapies you have largely already found out what is necessary. But always remember that the right mixture must always be put together. Never take only one color, always use in combinations. You may then deprive the body to be treated of the necessary inherent stability, take care of that. See, sunlight always consists of the right mixture, which all living beings need. Only in the right mixture the organism experiences a harmonization. You can either intuitively compose the optimal mixtures or find them out with your tensor, both are possible. Try it this way and you will be successful.

The colors in the cosmos and on other planets are much more intensive and active than with you on earth. Your color vibrations have already lost instability, because your thinking and your thoughts hardly perceive them. These colors in the universe possess undreamt-of forces and affect, similarly as the sounds, everything positively or destructively. God has created the colors to bring a contrast, a vibration balance into the cosmos. People who enjoy colors of the nature are far developed in their feeling. People have open hearts and develop charity towards all creatures. Keep the colors in your heart and recognize in it the great love of GOD who provides you with it important distinguishing marks. Recognize in it the great love which he makes available to all creatures. Take the color and the sound into your hearts and you will become happy and content. Accept it, the great love and understand the nearness of your almighty Father.

Dear Walter, this should give you a first impression about color design. Always remember, only in combinations should you do color healing. Depending on the disease, it is best to proceed in the combination 50/30/20%.

In this way you will achieve an optimal composition and you will not overstrain your patient's body so much.

So, now we come to another topic, the topic of insecurity. Insecurity arises mostly from disharmonious vibrations of the body and causes this strange behavior in the meeting of people. This causes you to lose your voice, to feel dizzy and to articulate all pitches when speaking. Insecurity can be a result of past life, of offenses, of wrong upbringing, or of grief. Insecurity is a negative problem that makes you stumble in society and makes you believe things that do not exist. Recognize in insecurity also fear. Fear is a destructive energy and we have already discussed this in detail.

If you feel panic among people, recognize in it a learning factor. See, the opposite of fear is love and love causes a balance and displaces fear. You will have already recognized, where you feel oppressed, you only need to take your love into your heart and meet the people with joy and the fear must give way. You can apply this love in all situations of life. Be kind and loving to people or creatures and you will be met in the same way. With love in your heart you send a ray of energy to the people, which causes something similar in their hearts and lets love be expressed in them as well. Always go about your work consciously but also with love in your heart and you will win all hearts.

Insecurity has a destructive effect on many people. Insecurity causes much more damage than you think. Insecurity causes imbalance and strengthens fear, which makes you stumble again and again. Take fear as a dangerous partner in life, which has already put you in so many miserable situations. Realize that only love should be your companion and move with joy, thanking your Father for each new day He gives you and asking Him to guide you in love. Accept this love and forgive yourself if your day once could not be shaped as you had planned. This forgiveness is also very important, otherwise you will have to take up this oppression in your heart and thereby let a living being arise, which will accompany you again and again and often put you into fear and terror.

So now, dear Walter, your mother would like to speak to you once again.

Dear Walter, I am happy to speak with you again today. My dear son, my joy is so great that we will see each other soon and I will show you where we live now and you will be amazed. You will also see your old home again and you will remember it. Dear Walter, remain in the love and see in it the only way back to GOD Our understanding of the omnipotence was still very small on earth, here we have recognized the great love of GOD and I can tell you only that we cannot grasp this all yet.

All our relatives live together with us, if you want so in a big village. Daily we meet in a big hall and thank God for his great love.

We sing here very much and we have the whole day only joy and happiness in our heart. It is a pity that F. cannot take this up yet. But let her in her faith, she goes anyway the right way of the charity. We too have gone this way and have also found our way back. It does not depend so much on the religious affiliation, but more on the person himself. Remain in the love, remain faithful to GOD and we will meet soon again. Walter, father burns also already to speak with you.

Dear Walter, I thank you that I may speak with you again today. Mom is pleased very much about this contact about the channel which God has given us and we could talk often. For you is already provided now, you still have your old area which you had left at that time to come into our family. Your house will be managed and cared for until you return. We are all waiting with joy to take you in our arms. Start your travels, you will see, it works and we will meet again soon. Walter, the world is wonderful here, the landscapes, the plants and the animals, everything lives here in harmony and no one harms the other. All people here are filled with loving hearts and carry these in themselves like the food.

There are also vehicles here, similar to yours, only the drives are of a different kind, we already talked about that. You can move either with thought power or you use these vehicles which bring you quite consciously, as with you, from one place to the other.

Yes Walter, I also contacted you, but you had not recognized me. At that time you also had very deep feelings and my heart almost burst, so my friend W. brought you this message. We perceive each of your emotional movements. If they are very intense, we suffer very much. It is important to let go, as you did with Mom. Letting go in love is the greatest gift for a person who comes over to us. Walter, we will still talk a lot together. Your father Karl.

Dear Walter, I hope I have given you a little joy again. Keep this protection, only in this way we can establish a perfect contact.

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