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Channeling #30 from 12.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Theme: Forces of Life


30. channel 12.04.1996    


This interruption was very important because your inner field was destabilized. Believe me, this also belongs to your life, just as love belongs to your life. These inner forces have a destructive effect on your life and intend only to create discord. Yes, see it in this way. The church calls these forces Satan, we call these forces negative energies. These live in you and in every human being. These establish the polarity, but also ensure to gain experience and knowledge.

Just as there are the forces of life, there are also the forces of destruction and this was a clear proof that these forces are at work in parallel. Think of it this way, your life is made up of many examples to force your learning. These pattern examples enter your existence and always show you several ways to each situation, how you objectively judge it or even carry it out, that make you aware, that you deal with and that you learn from. You only experience true recognition in the confrontation, in the polarity. Both come into play; the positive, as well as the negative forces, so that you recognize and learn to judge.

Your ability to act depends very much on what you have recognized. What you have learned or adopted. The cognition is the only way to the light. But you can recognize only if you have dealt with these things. To recognize these things accompany you in this life, like the energies faith, love, hope accompany you. Dear Walter, look at it this way, you will find your way in this way and you will realize that this is the only way. Also perceive your inner forces of negativity and learn from them. Let them come, let them express themselves, don't be bothered by them, they belong to you. You have built them up in past patterns and helped them to exist. Do not despise them and they will go as they came. Now you realize the importance of this break. It could have caused a lot of damage and it could have caused you to channel your inner powers. That would not be good, remember this. We love you and protect you on all your ways and have faith.

Our channelings have already become very good and have also reached a certain stability. But these things are also part of the channelling. You have to learn to deal with them. Everything will take this course which was predetermined by God. Accept it and leave it in such a way without annoying you. It belongs to your life.


Yes, dear Walter, you look at the clock. We will stop earlier today, so that you can still settle your affairs. Tomorrow I will tell you more about your inner forces, the connections in the game of life and in the harmony of the cosmos. A complex situation in your life. Recognize the background through our channelings and see in it the true teachings that are not written in any book.


So Walter, we conclude our channeling for today and we wish you for this day all, all love, much success and health.



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