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Channeling #29 from 11.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Topic: Diseases / healing


29. channel 11.04.1996    


Today we are really going to discuss diseases. You have understood this announcement correctly.

Diseases are maladjustments of your mind, your psyche. Diseases are caused by carelessness of your mind. These carelessnesses move outside of love and cause changes in your feeling. These changes, mostly caused by wrong thoughts, move your psyche and disharmonious vibrations arise, which bring you out of control. You are no longer within yourself and move your mind in a wrong direction. Your mind can no longer distinguish between the causes and thus takes all the thought models and burdens into itself and thus changes your body vibration.

Diseases are therefore disharmonies of your body, caused by lack of understanding of your mind, which wants to learn. Your spirit takes over all thought models that affect you from the outside, but cannot yet process them sufficiently, because it is still imperfect and often not in love. And so vibrational changes arise in your body, which always first show up in your subtle body. These markings can last for months, even years before, and then gradually, depending on your constitution, pass into the physical body.

See it in such a way, your illnesses result to 90% from wrong attitudes of your spirit and can be healed also only by an appropriate correction really. These diseases are to be regarded as foreign energies, as entities and you can even channel with them. These diseases are stored in the earthly shell, are ready on call, so to speak, and can intervene in a human system at any time. Disharmonies are created by wrong thinking and feeling alone, which form the sounding boards for certain diseases. These diseases move the body's molecules out of their traditional positions and nest in the molecular structure. This creates a tangled mess in your body that triggers the diseases on the physical side.

You also feel the subtle diseases, you often do not feel well, you are unrestrained, you react differently than usual. These causes result from stored diseases. Often sleep disturbances can be added, the interactions of life and your immune system weakens more and more. A special kind of ideas hinders your thinking. You should not think about anything in particular in relation to your surroundings. Feel with your heart, see and experience your environment with love, meet all attacks with love, do not get out of joint. This will bring you a lot forward and diseases will have no chance. Move yourself, massage yourself, work with your mind and your body, stay elastic and you will reach an optimal security in your feeling and thinking.

Walter, your thoughts move your organism. They often set traps for you and often put a rope around your neck. Keep this in mind and recognize the absolute power of your thoughts.

Accept the love in you and recognize your divinity in you. Do not take many things too seriously. Look at it this way, you are here as an actor and you have to play your role. Everyone plays his role in some way.

God has chosen this way for you, which is not exactly easy to go, but it is the shortest way to come back to him. God in his grace always finds solutions for your well-being and for your thinking.

Control your thoughts. An important part in your life, if not the most important part at all. Let your heart take over what your thoughts cannot assign. Feel with your heart and you will always do right. Recognize in this the great love of GOD, Walter. These illnesses are companions of your life; often caused by the fact that you should think back, you should remember the tasks of this life. God wants that it goes to you all particularly well. Often, however, it requires to have illnesses which shake the person again awake, like some dreams.

Certain dreams are foreshadowing of illnesses, injuries, etc. Correctly interpreted, you can avoid many impasses. See it this way and pay attention to this. Observe your dreams. Create a dream book and write down everything you experience in it. Compare them with the following days and weeks. If you have recognized connections, you can learn a lot about yourself and your existence. There are many types of dreams, but all of them want to tell you something, help you or show you the way. Dreams are reflections of your soul.

The soul, you had already spoken with it, puts together learning pictures for you, which should bring you on a certain track, on a way. Often dreams are incoherent and unreal for you and yet they move certain states of your feeling. Believe me, dreams are not dreams. Every dream has a specific meaning for you. Get yourself a good dream book. Here you can already collect certain experience values.

But also collect your own dreams with date in a calendar and realize the importance of dream interpretation. Dream interpretation has been an important science for thousands of years and you can learn a lot from it. Consult your soul as well. It will give you many tips, but it will not explain the connections. You, as a student, have to find them out yourself. Sometimes, when you are really stuck, your soul will help you. It always depends on the situation, believe me and trust.

Your psyche is so multifaceted as you cannot imagine. But everything is an interaction, an interaction from the smallest to the biggest. God in his wisdom has put on so much self-help mechanisms for the people as you cannot imagine this. God allows you all side jumps in your life, if you recognize that you can learn from it and your life does not seep away, like water in the sand. Stay on the surface and look around you, recognize the dangers, feel with your heart and see what is fed to you.

Recognize your life in the mirror of time and learn from it. What have you achieved so far? Are you satisfied with your role? Or does it have gaps or misconceptions?

Study your life and realize how important this last life is for you here on earth. Put your thoughts in order and bring them into harmony with love. I must emphasize this again and again because the importance is compelling.

A short detour from the diseases to your thoughts. But you already realize how important right thinking is. Wrong thinking inevitably leads to disharmonies of your body. Recognize in it also your way to become healthy and leave your worries where they came from. Do not identify with them, recognize them already in the process of origin.

Accept them as a task, but please do not worry. Worries also create wrong patterns, which again lead to disharmony. You are not here to worry, always remember. Your Father cares for you. Go to him with all your problems. He will help you when he sees that the meaning is understood. Recognize the background of your illnesses and you have as good as dissolved them. After recognizing, the process of harmonizing will be initiated, believe me.

Always remember that we love you and accompany you. We help you where we can, give you hints and impulses in dreams, in life, support you in your profession, etc., but remember, we cannot present ready-made solutions. That would hinder your learning process and you would step on the spot. Your tasks here are just to develop your feeling and your thinking so far in love that you can not take any more damage. This should be said once again and unmistakably.

So now Walter, let's go a bit further with the diseases and the healings. We had briefly explained the diseases. The healings I would like to outline to you now briefly.

You can only heal if you yourself are completely healthy, remember this. It is very important to keep this in mind. On the one hand you can take up a part of the illness of your patient and on the other hand you can also transfer your illnesses to him. It is even given in remote healings. Make sure that you always protect yourself sufficiently. Your violet aura is very effective, but it is not the optimal solution. Before each day of treatment, always be bound with the elastic white bandage that we gave you, and also notice how you are bound. You will experience this completely correctly. Look at the bandage and see where there are gaps, order them to be closed.

Your guardian spirits are at your side and try their best. But you should recognize yourself where problems can still occur. So have the bandage put on you, with it you will achieve an optimal protection against the pathogens. This bandage will dissolve after about 8 hours and you should have a new one put on when you continue to work. Keep this in mind. This bandage not only protects you from foreign energies, but also from all diseases that can enter you from the outside.

You can also have patients wrapped with it and their diseases will not be absorbed by your body. But keep in mind that they cannot leave the patient's body either. Then you have to give the order to the diseases to leave this body after dissolving the bandage. You can program everything this way and success will prove us right, Walter.

Realize that the thoughts also mean vibrations, which are built from the same basic structure as the vibrations of your body. So protect yourself in this way. This is the best protection we can give you.

Also, at certain intervals, relax, meditate or pray, this causes a strengthening, a strengthening of the body. Today you can practice a little, but don't go too far, it could harm you. Pay attention to this, see this as an exercise, a treatment, as you will perceive it more often. Notice these attempts to sense the aura as well, you have the opportunity.


So Walter, today we have discussed very important topics about your training. Tomorrow we will evaluate the energies that bring healing and also give you some tips. What is important in any treatment is that it is done with a lot of love. Love is the greatest and the best healing energy and it works wonders, believe me. JESUS CHRIST has proven it to you. Look at it this way, see in every person your brother who wants to be loved. Let him feel this love. Make him feel good. Take away his fears. Free him from anxiety through kind words and go about your work with thoughtfulness. Try it too and you will agree with me that only love can bring about real healing.

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