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Channeling #28 from 10.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Topic: Thoughts / discord


28. channel 10.04.1996


yesterday in your discussion very much at emotions came through with F.. He was deeply moved, because he is very strong in the faith in God. His thoughts move the cosmos and receive the right impulses from the divine. See, also I lead and accompany him, as I lead H. and you. F. will also have a special task, similar to yours. He is to convince the world of the love of God, to carry out the thoughts of the love into the groups and to carry on even his love to God.

To the purification everything was said. It needs no supplement, everything will happen so. The first harbingers stand already before the door which will come up as disasters. Always remember, you are protected. We accompany you and do not be afraid, remain in faith in our Almighty Father and deepen it through prayers. Be ready for the future. Your earth experiences a purification which has this bitterly necessary. God has decided it so and it will be so.

Dear Walter, we continue now with the thoughts. Thoughts are precision instruments in the fine-material sense. With your thoughts you produce patterns, waves, elementals and can put into action everything what you have thought up. Thoughts can give you love, give you strength, endurance. Thoughts in the confrontation with fears make you stumble and build traps for you. Speak, think, act correctly. Arrange your thoughts at the right time, at the right place and in the firm faith in God.

Thoughts can build up or destroy. Thoughts carry the world and every thought, we had mentioned this already once, was thought already once. Thoughts are bridges which are produced by your brain and are always tuned to the momentary circumstance. Thoughts experience a continuous change and never remain constant. Thoughts interfere with our channeling, which are produced in parallel by your subconscious. Your subconscious is a very strong opposition and seizes everything in this consciousness. Your subconscious asks you to act, asks you to question many things and tries to talk you into many unnecessary things and fears that do not exist. Feel into your heart, from your heart you will always get the right answer.

Your heart is in opposition to your subconscious. Your subconscious is a well organized system that makes you question, doubt and yet sometimes not feel. It is a necessary device to survive in this world. Your subconscious lets you discriminate, asks counter-questions, activates your mind and sharpens it, but your subconscious acts without heart. Many actions cannot lead to a positive result because your subconscious puts its dominance in the foreground. Feel more with your heart and you will be able to discriminate better. Experience dangerous situations from a completely different point of view and you can act in a relaxed way.

The subconscious will allow your emotions, let you freeze and your actions will go the wrong way.

Feeling and acting with your heart, you will get completely different points of view and you will see that many problems can be solved much easier. Remain in the love of your heart and you will be able to solve all your problems with ease. Touch the love of GOD with your hands, take this in you and experience the true word, the right word, the comforting word. God in his great love to you people keeps your thoughts in you, so that these will be of use to you at a later time, to recognize.

These thoughts are stored in your Akasha chronicle. Many thoughts from past lives are carried up through your subconscious. Here you become aware of many things that you cannot comprehend. Your thoughts are in exchange with your communication, but thoughts must be continuously added to, expanded, reconsidered, changed and experienced so that you can express them through your speech organ. This is a multidimensional exchange at an incredible speed for you. This exchange happens continuously and experiences an interpretation in your brain center. Thoughts are created through thought fields.

If you discuss a certain topic, immediately you get into resonance with a thought field which reflects this topic. From this field you can draw via your subtle brain, parallel to this, you move your brain with ideas and influences, which are also again controlled by the thought fields. This is all a symbiosis, an interaction of the thought fields, the conscious mind and your subconscious. Everything in a speed incomprehensible for you with continuous completion. All thoughts communicate also with each other, can exchange themselves and experience a constant completion.

Your thoughts move the world. Every thought experiences a vibration which is carried through the whole cosmos and finds back into the corresponding resonance field. Of course, it is so that you develop your own thoughts, you feel prompted to your actions. The fields of thought, which affect you in your thinking, should only support you, stand by you in your ideas, to realize them, so that you can get more easily to the things, which are important for you. You already possess your own thinking ability. This experiences however a constant addition and an exchange with the thought fields surrounding you. Order your thoughts and feel with your heart, then you also get the right thoughts that bring you forward and support you. Thoughts develop the world every second of your life.

Remember that you are also creator and participate in the plan of God and this plan will never find an end. Always new and always different tasks will fill your life.

Your life is subject to a constant change, what was to be regarded yesterday still as absolute, is already outdated today. Your thoughts move with the love of GOD. These thoughts are the most beautiful, which you can think. God leaves you all liberties, you act completely independently and you can find the way to him without pressure. If you return home as a lost son, there will be a joy feast and God, your father, will entertain you like a prince, will pour out his love over you and let forget your fears and doubts.

"Remain in the love, it will save you" means to accept the love also, to let in itself and not to lock. Feel with your heart and let your thoughts go, whatever they tell you. Think of it this way, thoughts move the world, but love carries all thoughts, even if they do not correspond to your ideas. Allow them, accept them like children, treat them decently, speak to them lovingly and realize that many of your thoughts are already spirit beings, that is, they have been formed as elementals. Recognize yourself in the play of your thoughts and experience the longing for the love, for God and to the happiness. Your thoughts can ascend to independent beings if you overvalue these, deeply deal with it.

However, you can also create real entities and use these for the protection of your children or your family. These entities will appear as you imagine them to be. Keep in mind that these beings really exist and only take over the function imagined by you. We will come back to this at a later time so that you understand. We will show you how you can build such an elemental and use it for the benefit of people. Of course, you can use this also for the healing of illnesses, actually for all things in your daily life. Recognize the love of God. He is so enormous and the cosmos boundless.


Dear Walter, now we come to a new topic, the topic of the discord. Discord reflects a terrible state. Discord means to be at odds with one's life, to build up suffering and greed, and to sow discord. A word that is one of the most negative characteristics of man. Discord has a destructive effect on all life, on all thoughts that move these people. Discord unites powerful negative elements that can no longer be dissolved. Remember, he who sows hatred will reap hatred. But he who sows love will reap love.

The discord exists since there are people on this earth and this is an elemental of the negative forces of which I already spoke and which rule here as an antipole to the good and carry the polarity. These forces consist of predominantly negative elementals which this earth has co-created and which were put into the world by wrong feeling and thinking. Negative forces surround you like air to breathe. They are constantly around you, give you the appropriate impulses to always do the wrong thing and hold on through your negative actions and thinking.

See it this way, it is very important to think, feel and act correctly. But above all, it is very important to remain in the vibration of love, which carries you and protects you from everything negative. Love maintains your balance. Before each action, weigh and ask your heart. It will give you the right answer.

Do not act according to your subconscious. Your subconscious mind questions everything. This creates doubts and fears and you will certainly go the wrong way. Feel with as the opposite pole and find out your answer.

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