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Channeling #27 from 09.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Topic: Music


27. channel 09.04.1996    


Today you will continue to deal with the laws of music.

We have already discussed various points at the beginning. Today we will work on the composition. See it in such a way, Walter, music is the sound of GOD which rules in the harmony with the cosmos. Not every music is in the harmony with the cosmos and with God. Good music experiences an echo, a resonance in the cosmos and stimulates all light particles to the oscillation. Feel with your heart which music is beneficial for you and which music lets you tremble. Distinguish and you will find the appropriate for you.

Music in the harmony with God are the highest sounds in the cosmos. Cosmic music is a variant of your music, but with notes and gradations which you do not know yet and which your ear cannot perceive yet. Train your ears and you will hear beautiful melodies in nature. Go into the forest and listen to the singing of the trees. Take your time, the summer night, the warmth - come, experience nature. Your nature, which will not exist in this form for a long time. Every plant, every tree has a special vibration, a special sound. These sounds create a harmony, a resonance that enchants your ear. Listen to the wind, it also conjures up sounds that your ear already understands better. Strong wind or a storm already works destructively with these sounds and nevertheless some ears love to listen here.

The solar wind that brushes your grove, that makes the ears sway and flits over the grasses of the meadows has a special sound. Maybe you hear it at first only as a murmur, but if you listen closely, you recognize the sounds which will carry you and will accompany you in this beautiful landscape of the music and the harmony. In God's levels we have this music daily. As I already mentioned that we can listen daily to the most beautiful concerts, so we can also listen to the nature. Yes, also with us there is this nature, all plants which were exterminated with you exist with us further and we have here a splendor as you cannot imagine this. Our level is the highest and the most beautiful. Everything is embedded in love and experiences a constant expansion. Daily we see our almighty father and we may discuss everything with him. GOD is wonderful that you cannot grasp his love. Try to feel into your heart and he will answer you every question.

The sounds of love are the highest and the most beautiful that we hear. It is a sea of music, of the most different gradations and nevertheless everything is in a unison, as you do not think it possible. Walter, GOD our father provides for us. Not only for our livelihood, but also for all comforts, which embellish our existence and put us into a vibration of absolute confidence and faith. Sounds of love are the words to a beloved. Love your neighbor as yourself, think of it this way. Your beloved should be your neighbor, your fellow human being and only on that you should orient yourself. Love lasts forever and keeps a perpetual complement. It accompanies you throughout your life and you only need to open your heart and let this love into you. Take it in and you will experience your personal miracle. Love can do everything.


Love helps, love experiences the consonance of the music and the Geichklang GOD. In the exchange with the love of God you receive your life and you become strong in you.

See, open your eyes for the beautiful in your landscape, in your nature. God has created wonderful things only to please you. The plant world, the animal world, the mineral world - they are sounds from the highest spheres of God. Go out into the nature, feel the love in your hearts, feel the warmth, the sound of the trees and the wind and you will experience God. God in his deepest mercy looks closely. Everywhere you will discover life, in the trees, in the airs, on the earth and in the earth, everything in the harmony of GOD. God loves you, always remember that he has created this paradise only for you. Feel with your heart the love of God and accept this love also.

We now go one step further with the vibrations. Vibrations are carrier waves of divine origin and are subject to a constant completion by his love, by his divinity. Vibrations originate from light parities in the divine origin. Vibrations experience an impulse from the heart of God and are sent with it on the journey through the cosmos. These impulses are carried by the breath of God and receive a continuing completion. Vibration is life, life in all forms and all waves. Through vibrations the whole cosmos experiences its existence. These light vibrations of the smallest particles of the light particles receive and supplement your life in every second. These particlelets experience a variety of formations that you cannot imagine.

The phrase was once coined, "As in the small, so in the great." Look at it this way, these particles of light are tiny living beings with a consciousness and a memory, and it is only through these particles of light that the most wonderful plants and minerals you can imagine are created. But also your life and the life of the animals is carried by these particles. Each particle possesses an exactly defined vibration in the most different gradations. Each gradation, vibration gradation of the frequency, defines a quite special task or information.

All particlelets with the same frequency can unite and form communities for certain atoms or molecules and then, from the most different atoms again the kinds of matter or non-matter develop. See it in this form, Walter, for your benefit. Recognize here the connections of the life, the smallest particles carry your existence and the smallest particles are also living beings which exist in the unified community and nevertheless rule in unison with the whole universe. These particles are so small that you can never grasp them with optical or electronic means. Only your spirit is able to sense and experience the world of the particles and you would be amazed what you get to see.

This world of particles experiences a beauty and harmony of the highest sounds in the cosmos. These are the origin of the divine and move the cosmos, the world.

GOD in his love has created the whole existence in this way to have joy in his creation. In the big as in the small, as you recognize your cosmos, so there is also the cosmos of the light particles. Yes Walter, for you unimaginable and nevertheless this vibration is existent. So, now you have experienced a wide insight into the worlds and will have something to think about. Always remember, if you can carry out your astral journeys, we can also visit these worlds and you can convince yourself that my statements correspond to the truth.

Now we continue with the harmony of music. The consonance means harmony with life, harmony, resonant vibration and so on. Only in this vibration or harmony is development of life possible. In a disreso-nance or disharmony you will never achieve progress. This frequency will only destroy. Harmony means life in the harmony with God's laws and God's love. In the harmony of the music you experience the highest vibration which propagates and completes itself in the whole cosmos. Music is an instrument of the great love of GOD. Music opens your hearts and lets the love flow in, the love which you are to experience. Music in the harmony with God maintains your vibration on your energy level.

In your cities you also experience a certain vibration of the music. It can be very different. The streets are noisy and have a destructive effect on your organism. The silence in the parks, on the other hand, awakens your life source. Seek a balance in your world of noise and bustle. Look for a balance, a vibrational balance that makes your body relaxed and elastic. You can only reactivate this through meditation or appropriate rest periods. Look for places of rest, places to relax in nature, in music and in your home and experience an energy regeneration that keeps your life flowing and also makes it stronger. Keep this in mind, your life is vibration, supplement it with movement in your body and mind.

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