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Channeling #26 from 08.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Topic: Light of life / Chakras / Bermuda Triangle / Atlantis


26th channel 08.04.1996    


Today you will deal with the Light of Life.

All the light in this world is carried by the particles of light. These reach the highest vibration in the cosmos and live self-contained as worlds of consciousness. See it so: these light particles are also small worlds, consisting of vibrations, carried by the love of God. These smallest units in the individual carry the whole cosmos with all the visible and invisible light. Yes, Walter, there is also non-visible light. Think of the black holes. These consist of light black for humans, which could be made visible only by appropriate filters and optical devices.

Your light is a chain of light particles and the brightness originates from your eye which perceives a reflection of these. The visible light symbolizes the sun, which millions of kilometers away, maintains a part of your life system. This part of the life system has the memory or information of being heat and rays. This heat keeps your earth's surface at a certain temperature level and thus your life system. The second cosmic light, your actual life system, is carried directly by the love of GOD.

This invisible light flows over your chakras into your body and maintains your body and not only yours, but also that of mother earth, the plants and the animals. This invisible light is transformed down from the highest vibration of GOD to your earthly level and animates your body. These power currents come from the center of God and distribute themselves according to an exactly determined plan in the whole cosmos. Your light spark of God is like a direction finder of God. By him the power currents recognize their direction and flow in exactly dosed quantity into the bodies. The quantity depends on the size and development level of the bodies and the individual organisms. The individual organism absorbs these power currents, doses them in the optimal quantity and returns the surplus back into the directed paths into the cosmos. The consumed energy is also discharged in the same way.

See it so, at the symbol which H. recognized in the meditation. This symbol means to take in the pure, light power and to release too much or used up energy. Pay attention to your chakras, keep them in rotation, they maintain the most important life systems You can do without the sun for a certain time, but not without your chakra energy. Into your uppermost chakra this cosmic stream of power flows into you like a waterfall, crashes onto your root chakra through your energetic tube, which is located in your subtle body in front of the spine, and distributes the energy to the entire chakras. These transform the power current in the required amount and return the excess energy to the cosmic power current flowing back. This is how you can imagine it. Trust, my information is correct.

These power currents are transformed by the chakras and sent to every single cell of your gross and subtle bodies. Thus, your body consists of 90% light energy.


Every cell radiates this light and life energy every second and your body heat is created. This warmth is achieved by the exchange of light in the cells. Light also means warmth at the same time. Think of it this way, Walter, that this light keeps your body temperature constant. Of course the different living beings also need other body temperatures, this should be clear.

These power currents are subtle energies, which flow into every point of the cosmos and the deepest depths, but also through meter-thick lead walls. These currents know no matter and flow through everywhere to sustain life. And just as with you humans, your Mother Earth has these chakras distributed at certain points on the surface of the Earth. The meridian belt, as you correctly guess, goes along the east coast of America from the north to the south pole. The largest chakra is located in the Bermuda Triangle and this is also where the strongest currents of power flow in and connect the chakras to each other. Trust, through the poles the power currents are discharged and reunite in the cosmos to form an upcurrent. Do not think that your human system is the model of all things, no. The earth existed already some billions before you humans and has found its best constellation in this way.

The power currents flow in in the area of the Bermuda Triangle, causing turbulence that you call mysterious or supernatural. However, this energy transfer takes place continuously and can cause changes due to certain cosmic influences, such as corresponding solar activity or passing cosmic winds. This causes enormous tidal waves on the surface of the sea, which set large parts of the Sargasso sea in wave-like motion. These currents of force are so powerful in connection with cosmic influences that whole ships are drawn down to the bottom of the sea in the whirlpools created by this. These whirlpools have dimensions at their outer edges of up to 100 kilometers. The center of the whirlpool can be as large as 4 kilometers deep. Due to the electromagnetic change of the earth's surface, all navigation systems of ships and airplanes often fail.

You had read a report about the American fighter pilots lost in this area. These pilots got so irritated by this that they could not find their way back to their airfield. In this sense a small outline, which interests you just as much and should be clarified here. This invisible light consists of the same substance of your not visible bodies which surround you eightfold and maintain your life system. Light possesses unbelievable forces if this is bundled accordingly to the effect. These forces pervade the whole universe, can destroy worlds and build up again. Walter, God has created such a complex system that you cannot imagine this with your small mind. And, nevertheless, everything has his purpose and his aim; a coming and a going. This moves the whole cosmos. There is no standstill, look at it this way.

So, now we continue with the creation of light, a very interesting subject. Light is created by the constant collision of the light particles with each other. It is not so difficult to understand this.

These light particles are subject to a constant exchange among themselves, i.e. by appropriate currents new particles are brought in and used ones are taken back again. The collision of these particles creates friction. The friction creates tiny flashes which reflect in the solar radiation. Look at it this way, Walter, the sun carries the power current to your earth, but the entire sun is also made up of these light particles, just as your entire cosmos is made up of them. It contains your life and your life force.

Through the reflection light is created, visible light, which lets you see your world during the day. In the evening and at night the same thing happens, your electric lighting symbolizes your sunlight. The luminous bodies, the sun and its rays stimulate the permanently existing light particles to flash. This is how your artificial lighting is created. Have confidence, everything corresponds to the correctness.

Of course the particles surrounding the earth need an impulse to bring this light to the discharge. These impulses are given either by ions or by smallest suns. The exchange takes place continuously and there is also always energy which finds its precipitation in the not visible area. Light is therefore an exchange of cosmic energies which carry the world. As soon as you press the light switch, the particles are excited by the electrical impulse and brought to the exchange and light is created, which illuminates the room. Nothing else happens and everything corresponds to the correctness.

So Walter, this was a small outline to the light and I hope, you have understood now the connections. If you have questions, you can write them down. We will answer them for you. You can ask all the questions that move you and those that you can not cope with. You will learn to move your mind as well. It is always a question of time. You will see. Don't worry too much, we will manage.

Now I come to your questions. Yes, you have been incarnated on Atlantis a total of five times. You had already figured it out correctly. Yes, you were also incarnated five times in Mu and both continents sank into the sea.

Your last incarnation was about 100 years before the comet impact and you lived then in the capital called Agrobia. Agrobia was the center, the heart of Atlantis, from which the entire impulses went over the island and the earth. This capital city had about three million inhabitants, and Atlantis had a total of about ten million inhabitants. Mu had about six million inhabitants. The inhabitants between Atlantis and Mu were in active exchange and only rarely fought wars against each other, which always ended in a draw.

In the capital Agrobia you had a beautiful country house in the adjacent mountains and your tasks were to deal with energy production. So you were something like an energy engineer. Your task was to build and develop new power plants according to the method described before.

The energy transmission to the individual houses and central offices was wireless. This energy was transformed by appropriate equipment in such a way that it was harmless to living beings and was sent to the individual houses, processed there and put to use.

This was a technique developed almost 100 years ago by Nicolai Tessla, but it was discontinued for cost reasons. Nicolai Tessla was a development engineer for wireless power transmission in Atlantis and had a great deal of experience at the time. If his ideas had been followed, the Earth could have escaped this purification today, but the humans, the power-obsessed, decided otherwise and thus plunged humanity into the depths.

Atlantis was a beautiful country, similar to the today's Canada with many small towns and only two big cities, but the people have violated the laws of GOD then as today, so that this treasure had to be destroyed. You could already say that Atlantis was a small paradise. Approximately from the size of the today's Germany it lay in the proximity of the Azores and extended into the Atlantic ocean. The Azores are still remnants from that time. Remnants, from an advanced civilization, where after hundred thousand years of course nothing more is to be recognized. God wanted it in such a way that nothing remains from this time, everything sinks in the sea of the time.

These two advanced civilizations dominated the earth at that time, undertook also cosmic trips with spaceships and had contacts with extraterrestrial beings which visit the earth also still today. The people had the highest level of development of all times, but they violated humanity and morality. They let the at that time still ape-like beings slave for themselves, manipulated at people, produced androgynous beings which were used only to quite certain tasks, tormented the nature, the animals in the bestial way, had no respect for the life and for God. Humans were manipulated, extorted, sacrificed for all possible tests and gene manipulations. Crossings between humans and animals were made, all respect for the life was ignored.

Certainly, it was only a few who did these manipulations, but supported by the government and the people of that time. Atlantis was doomed to perish, just as your Earth is today. However, the earth will remain in its continental dress, from Atlantis you will find nothing more. For thousands of years, remnants of Atlantis were still visible, but time carried these to the grave as well.

Walter, also I have lived twice in Atlantis and still have this country in my memories, as you will remember your last life here.

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