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Channeling #25 from 07.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


25 Channel 07.04.1996    


With a little delay, but in good spirits, we will venture into the next chapter, the chapter of karma. Karma actually does not exist. It is produced by your thoughts and you hold on to it and do not see that you are actually already free. Your thoughts and your actions prevent you from believing that you are really free, free as a bird in the air. Thoughts produce patterns of punishment and expiation, please remember, there is no punishing God. Neither we, nor GOD will punish you for your deeds. Punishment is a negative word, like revenge and retaliation. Punishment was developed by humans, so that they punish those, which did wrong. What does injustice mean? Can you really judge it? Doing wrong is incumbent upon your existence. You are also here on earth to do wrong to other people, if you would not do it or needed to do it, you could renounce the incarnation.

You have chosen a way, which you call the way of karma with your thoughts. JESUS CHRIST showed you another way, the way of love, the way that leads out of the eternal wheel of rebirths into freedom. Accept this love and you are free. Your sins, your karma, will be forgiven if you walk the path of charity. Forgive yourself first and then forgive your fellow men, then also GOD will forgive you. GOD in his great grace forgives every man who is of good will to change his life and seeks a middle way of the love. God knows all secrets, all backgrounds of your lives and will lead you in such a way that these lives mean for every single one his last incarnation. Let go of your thoughts of the karma, the own guilt. This thinking will lead you back to the darkest dungeon. For the one who believes in karma, for him this way exists and he will go this way until the end. For the one who believes in love, which forgives everything, there is no karma and no envy. Look at it this way, for your understanding.

JESUS CHRIST wanted to express this with his teaching of charity.

Carrying and building up karma is not necessary. Forgive yourself and trust and act according to your positive knowledge. This should become your motto.

Do not get lost in the jungle of karma anymore, a term that comes from the Hindu religion and achieves an effect with every cause. Trust me, there are many ways to come to GOD, to our almighty father.

One of them is the way to acknowledge your guilt, which actually does not exist at all and to go the eternal cycle, up to your perfection and believe in it, if you go this way, you must go it also consistently. According to the laws of cause and effect. These laws are very profound and involve many lives and much thought work. This path also leads back to omnipotence in the end. They are thought models, patterns that you have designed, live in and believe in. If you cannot change your thinking, you will get entangled in this and go on here. This law of cause and effect reflects a series of images in the cosmos and reminds of the licentiousness of the lords in the Middle Ages. Believe and trust, see in this law the bondage of your will and spirit.

See in this law the unkindness of your heart and the wickedness of men and you will know your way. Know first yourself and pray that God helps you to find your new way, out of the rope trap of the Karma.

Recognize that you are One, One with God. Realize that you are already divine and only need to stretch out your hand, which asks for help. See in the love the way and the hold; the hand which leads you, back from your thought patterns of the karma. Karma reflects a capacitive thought field that you alone are unable to escape. You carry your life out into the levels of guilt and bad conscience. Think, feel and act differently. Experience the love within you that guides and directs you. Love is the only right way that you can go. Because love is a power that would never allow injustice. It does not waste time in ordering, evaluating or hating the other people. This leads to the sidelines; this always leads to a dead end and it often takes eternal times until you will find your way back to yourselves. See it so please, and believe me, God lets you go many ways, after many thought patterns, but I tell you, the shortest way is to go the way of the love.

Remember the words of JESUS CHRIST: Love your enemies and pray for them. Keep this in your memory and you will be on the road to victory. Love, faith, hope, these three energies should accompany you throughout your life. Faith makes you strong. Faith can move mountains. Believe in GOD. He will lead and steer you. Believe in him that he has let his son JESUS CHRIST go this memorable way, so that you do not despair and doubt any more. God wanted to help you with this act of the charity from the cesspool of your life. Recognize that this way means the truth. Who does not believe in this way, he should go on the way of the karma with all its consequences and laws.

Your path of debts and suffering, but which also ultimately leads back and goes the road of love. Karma has been devised by people to make people serve for other people and aims to bind other people to suffering as well. Eastern religions are convinced that the inner depth can be gained only through pronounced suffering. It may be that many people see their way in this and hold on to it, but all those who follow this way have to realize in the end, at the latest on the way to the ALL POWER, that this was an erroneous way. Dear brothers and sisters, believe in the way of love, believe in it and this way will be the last one in your incarnations. See it with these words, which show you what moved JESUS CHRIST 2000 years ago to go this way.

Now, dear Walter, I think you are already a little surprised, because you too had lost your way on this path at times. A way created by people which leads into the nothing, believe me. Go the way which God has given you and you will experience your personal miracle. Your book "A course in miracles" reflects this way of the love. Read it attentively and work with it, learn your lesson and you will find peace in yourself. As long as you go the way of the karma, you will also follow its laws, which are also allowed by GOD, so that you learn.

Think of it, turn and look for the way of the charity, the way which brings you back to the all-embracing love. See it so, to your understanding.

So now, let's go one step further into the physics of life, the vibrations. We have said yes, we will build you up step by step. Oscillations are waves which originate from the center of GOD, your father, and are expressed there about electromagnetic thought fields. Each oscillation means a certain frequency with a quite certain value. These oscillations produce wave-like carriers which move through the whole universe and reach every point here.

These vibrations are control elements of the life and the growth which move the whole cosmos and keep alive. A gigantic flood of vibrations flows every second from this center of GOD and experiences a constant addition. Each oscillation possesses also an exactly defined sound. By the sound they lead these to each other and result in a predefined form which unite to molecules or atoms. In unison all atoms result in certain resonances, which you have summarized in values and also call atomic weights. Every oscillation is based on the thoughts of GOD to bring life into the universe or to let arise life. Vibrations can develop and represent also matter in last consequence and under consideration of a transformation. The highest vibration is the divine, the infinite fast vibration of all life and life support systems. Certain souls, mostly collective souls, transform these high vibrations down to your earthly level and thus aim at the emergence of matter.

Always remember, every building block consists of light particles and these are also nothing more than finest vibrations in the unity in flow. These finest vibrations cause your existence with all its most different forms and kinds. No human being will ever be able to trace or observe this way. An atom consists of hundreds of thousands of light particles and these possess a vibration exactly defined for this atom, which carries this atom. Atoms are building blocks of the life which form your matter arranged in the compound. But remember that these atoms consist of infinitely fast oscillating particlelets and thereby achieve a certain firmness, a surface firmness.

Atoms carry your existence and were developed by GOD as building blocks of the life which complement each other, connect or develop such forces that you can use these also for your benefit. Vibrations are therefore wave carriers of divine origin and pervade the whole cosmos, in the coarse-material and in the fine-material area. Vibrations reflect the thoughts of God and are carried out to his creations. Thought-forms also originate from vibrations and can let also bodies originate in last consequence. Thought forms pervade like clouds our cosmos and tangent among themselves in the kind that these exchange themselves and complete. Thought images also reflect beings, so-called energy beings, with which you also already have contacts on your tapes.

Ultimately, everything consists of vibrations and thus also of energies, which are however also subject to a constant development and transformation. These thought images support your life to the extent that you consider it unclear and exaggerated. Thoughts possess exactly defined vibrations and from the thinking of your consciousness resonance fields arise, which attach themselves to these energies, thus couple and with it help you to advance your ideas, your developments. Thought fields communicate with each other and are also intertwined. There is no separation, even if certain fields are millions of light years away. The time and the space set you barriers, which you cannot think to the end and bring your physics to the stumble. Think in the unity, think everything is a big whole, everything is GOD in his measureless love and think of it, everything consists of vibrations and energies.


Be confident in the love,


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