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Channeling #22 from 04.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Channel 22 from 04-04-96



Dear Walter, 


trust and have faith in yourself. Your trust is growing continuously and we were especially pleased yesterday with the way you argue.

Remember, even if you make mistakes, you should always forgive yourself. If you understand this, then you will experience and feel yourself and your self-love will become stronger and stronger. But how can you love yourself if you are not able to control your fear and ego. Feel with your heart, your heart gives you the answer. Open your hearts to love, to love yourself and to love your neighbor. This is a prerequisite for loving your neighbor. Always remember to walk a straight path and to balance the forces and energies.


Have confidence in yourself and in us. So that your trust is strengthened, pray to God. With the prayers power currents are placed, which guarantee an intensive exchange of the divine energies. Prayers, especially the Lord's Prayer, are word vibrations that are expressed in the power currents. Imagine that these prayers directly reach the heart of God without detours and from there are transformed into power currents and flow back to you. Trust, this is how it is. God in His great love for mankind has devised things that you find difficult to comprehend. He is with you all the days, protecting you, but you should also communicate with Him. Without communication, no knowledge and no progress can be gained.


Communicate with God through prayers and in those prayers put all your wishes and problems; discuss them with God. He hears you and, when you have realized, will help. This help is guaranteed for every person if he keeps to God's laws and tries to get his life under control.


So, now we are going one step further in the training. You have already learned a lot about the cosmos in the past channelings and today we would like to tell you about the Earth. 


The earth was formed about 6 billion years ago from dust, ice, comets, minerals, etc., and the shaping was obtained by rotation. We already spoke about the black holes which pull as a vacuum cleaner through the universe and pull all parts from exploded planets to themselves which compress them in their inside and let form new planets. In this way also your earth and your solar system originated.


By the rotation of these black holes also the earth began to go into rotation and experienced its hour of birth. Through the rotation the surface solidified, which was carried by a then as very dense atmosphere. At the same time power currents were created, which caused a continuous development of the earth's surface. These power currents and astral winds changed the surface of the earth to the extent that life could develop here. Life, which developed from the smallest, from the light particles. This only as a small outline and to your information.

All light particles which carry the earth have the information to be stone, earth, water, air or other. The whole shaping, the information and the arrangement in the space, was given by God. You cannot imagine this, I know, but realize that only the love of God created the world. God is so wonderful that we cannot express this with your words.


Your earth was born in a black hole, receiving there the characteristics it needs for its cosmic life. Just as a child grows in the womb, your earth also grew in these cosmic vortex clouds. At birth, or whatever you want to call it, the fruit in this case is ejected and tremendous currents of force carried this young planet into the exact position God gave it and it was anchored there by rotational forces. The entire cosmos rotates, we already spoke of it, in an unbelievable speed. By these high forces every planet receives its destiny and is either steered in certain courses or rotates itself around its own axis. 


At the outer edge of the cosmos, which actually does not exist, but just to make you understand this, there are very strong rotational forces and the planets that are there cannot be inhabited. Force currents run through the cosmos and transport planets to the center of the cosmos. Here the rotational forces of space are most balanced. Here the enormous acceleration forces of the universe have an effect only in fragments. Here in this center the forces experience a bending, if you like, a bending and are slowed down. Everything becomes calmer, everything experiences unison, planets draw their courses in exact determination and rotate themselves or stand at a very certain point, unchangeable.


This center forms the life center, for you unimaginably big and nevertheless this center possesses finiteness. It is therefore limited and only in this center life can develop. Life, which is expressed in human form and as astral - or energy beings. God created everything according to his plan and designed the earth to be a learning planet, a planet that should bring beings on their way to knowledge and perfection. This planet is a living being just as you, your animals, plants, are living beings, and you can also contact your Mother Earth who carries you. Shamans have been practicing this since the dawn of man. Mother Earth is a cosmic intelligence in which all knowledge is stored.  

You too, Walter, can address her and communicate with her, and if you wish, you can do so immediately.


Dear Walter, I am your planet on which you live and you were born so many times. I have carried you and held you, have given you safety and security. In my womb you have lived your life, developed and brought it to a certain maturity. You have not always acted correctly, but you have recognized what life means, that everything lives, that there is no separation. Padmasambhava has described this to you, when and where you were born. And sometime, in about 6 billion years, I will also go the way home again. I go the same way as the people and nevertheless there are enormous differences to your time measurement. But remember, the time and the space is a variable, For you a section and for me only a way.

By living in your last incarnation and still being in my womb, you feel comfortable. But after that our ways will separate for a certain time. You will live on another planet, but you will visit very often. Dear Walter, remember that I exist in this way only for a short period of time at your discretion.


God has planned a purification for me, which is bitterly needed, since my forces are already exhausted. Only with God's help can I still exist in my function. 

And realize that after the purification new forces will grow in me, I can shake off my garbage and ballast piled up by you people and will awaken to new life. This life will be different from the millennia before. I will not experience any more wars, because the people who will be incarnated here also possess a great maturity. They will recultivate me and live in harmony with God and nature. Your Mother Earth loves you, Walter, as she loves all creatures, but the destiny of God foresees this change, this purification and believe me, this is necessary. I love you, Walter: your Mother Earth.


Walter, this was a short contact with Mother Earth, who also, like you, has her destiny and goes her way. Remember, there is nothing dead, everything is alive. The entire cosmos is also an entity that we call God our Father. And yet God has many faces and many aspects, Walter. God is so unique that we cannot describe this with your words. God is in every cell and in every particle of light; but he also forms the entire cosmos, is gross material and fine material. He is above everything and He knows every being by name, He can communicate with every being and His love is so strong that the whole world, the whole cosmos finds place in it.


God is wonderful. We cannot tell you this often enough. To live near him is a fantastic thing and we enjoy every moment. You cannot yet appreciate His love, but the day will come when you will experience all of this, just as we have experienced it. His body forms the cosmos visible to you and yet we already live in His heart of infinite greatness and love. The heart of God forms the center, the center of the cosmos and yet the entire cosmos is formed as a heart. To walk in God's love is the highest happiness for every being to achieve.


So, Walter, I think for today we will conclude this channeling. You have learned a lot and remember that we carry you and love you. 


With love Padmasambhava

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