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Channeling #21 from 02.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Topic: Faith / cosmic laws


- 21. channel 02.04.96

Dear Walter,

Today we will deal with faith, you have heard it correctly, a message " from your heart that lets you feel and sense. Your heart always knows the answer, always the right answer, take these words in you and learn to recognize.

To believe is to be without doubt, but faith is also a piece of freedom that man always takes out to correct or justify his mistakes. Faith can take many forms, if you believe, you are without doubt and you are in the love of your Lord, our almighty FATHER. Walter, faith means for you "not to know", and to have nevertheless the feeling, a feeling, that everything is to be experienced with the heart. Faith in the love of God, this will carry you, a whole life long. The faith in the love of God is the highest faith in the cosmos, the highest vibration which carries you and accompanies you. The love carries all people and the whole cosmos and the faith is a confirmation of the person to the love of God.

GOD is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-loving, see it so Walter, faith in HIM and us, and you will never be left in your life. There will never follow a separation and we see you as our friend and partner, who thinks in the faith in GOD of the return to HIM. Faith, love, hope, these are the three strongest energies in the cosmos, whereby the love stands in the first place. The faith symbolizes, the second strength. This power is demonstrated by our Lord. A faith in the right words and deeds of the charity, symbolizes the way back to GOD. By the deeds you will recognize it, so Jesus Christ had said this once. Take this to heart, take this in your hearts and love one another. Faith is one of the most beautiful virtues. To be in the faith, in GOD, means highest guidance and highest luck. See it so Walter. You have already become a knower, as you express yourself, knowledge does not replace faith.

Faith goes before knowledge, you must remember that. Believe in God and you will see the light in you, go the way of the light and you will discover the great love also.

Knowledge is relative and is subject to a constant change of the times, what was valid yesterday still as absolute knowledge, is today already rejected. See it so Walter, the whole cosmos is also subject to a further development and with it always new knowledge is carried into the light particles. These distribute the knowledge about the whole cosmos and you recognize the love of God who carries you and feels you.

Knowledge is power. Faith is love, see it in such a way, for thousands of years secret knowledge was abused and used for things that, to strengthen the power of the people who dealt with it. The love and the faith in God was completely disregarded, it is the same still today. Your whole physics is built like this.

In your physics the consciousness was excluded. The consciousness that everything lives and everything is subject to a constant change. The faith contains a consciousness formula which carries the world and which is just as existent as the force which you base in your physics. See it so, the faith moves mountains, faith in God moves whole worlds and you will still experience it and we will prove it to you. Your faith in GOD and the ALMIGHTY is very strong and your knowledge is amazing, and nevertheless you know nothing of that what actually happens now in the cosmos. We will tell it to you building up, little by little and will reflect some of it in the books. Look at it this way Walter, knowledge is subject to constant change, it is not something absolute, but faith, like love and hope, represents something absolute that no one can change. Faith, love, hope remain until all eternity. See it so, for your benefit. Walter, GOD protects the world and put these three big vibrations into the light, at which the people should orient themselves and find the way back.


Faith, love, hope are energies which change your life, which let you feel the love of God, so that you never deviate from your way.

Remain in these three energies and you will see GOD who lives in you and waits for your arrival. Believe in yourself, because you are close to GOD, you are a part of HIM and you are carried by the love of GOD. GOD wants that all people believe in HIM, go the way of the love to return to him. See it so, your faith is strong, but see, your faith and action are close together. Act with the feeling of your heart, your heart tells you the truth and never lets you down. Leave your mind in the background when making decisions and you will be on the winning track. Not harshness but feelings must take place in your life in the long run.

The harshness you show to other people will also be shown to you one day and you will almost despair that this harshness will be reproduced without any feeling. And maybe then you will realize that you have acted in the same way. If you realize and act according to your realizations, you have already progressed quite a bit. But if you do not recognize, you will experience this hardship again and again until you recognize yourself in it. Look at it this way, for your understanding.

Faith is life in the harmony with God and the cosmos, the faith carries all laws of the life and the becoming human. With the faith the word and the power came on this earth which has advanced the evolution. The faith is a high goal. The goal lies on the way to the light and the faith should always accompany you on this way. Believe in you and in God, then you will reach everything.


Dear Walter, I hope you take my words into your heart and reconsider these theses that you have become from the believer to the knower. See, faith does not replace knowledge. The faith exists eternally, the knowledge not, this knowledge is subject to a constant change, the faith is a constant, as well as the love and the hope represents a constant.

So now we will deal again with the cosmic laws. Cosmic laws are laws of God which he has stored in every light particle. The cosmic laws reflect the Ten Commandments which God transmitted to Moses long time ago. The Ten Commandments demonstrate the order in the cosmos to which every being should orient itself. These laws exist not only on your earth, but on all planets. These laws reflect the ten basic thoughts of God and whoever seeks the way to his perfection should definitely orientate himself by these ten commandments.

But you have your conscious mind, which lets you stumble again and again, lets you doubt and put your fears above the feelings of the heart. Walter, who breaks the laws of God, is not punished, what you understand by punishment, no, these people will extend their actually short way, they step, so to speak, on the spot, until they and sometimes through much suffering, have recognized their mistakes.

After the recognition and right action their feet take up again steps and they come again a piece further, God will never punish a creature. These punishments you put on yourselves, but you do not recognize it, often you look for the culprit in God. Your suffering can be conquered only by yourselves. Recognize, feel into your heart and you recognize the causes. Your heart recognizes all problems and difficulties. These cosmic laws of God contain your life, these are the laws of the life, recognize this and you will go your way and become happy. These laws contain the will of God who carries you, protects you and loves you and is glad about every single person that he has advanced a piece. See it this way, and you will always be happy.


With love Padmasambhava

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