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Channeling #20 from 01.04.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Theme: Lower Self, Middle Self, Higher Self



Dear Walter,


today is again a special day, you will experience it, you will speak your Self for the first time, but your 'Middle Self' that really exists in your mind. Look at it this way, your 'High Self' symbolizes the crown of the divine Creator, the Oneness with HIM, our almighty Father. At the same time, the High Self, together with the Lower and Middle, forms an inseparable unity and cannot be destroyed by anyone. This unity symbolizes the Trinity of God, the Church calls this the Trinity. 


This trinity is the bearer of the divine light and needs no complement. God in his mercy gave all people this trinity on their way of life. So every human being is in possession of this trinity. 

Right! In your dream we showed you this trinity in the form that you saw a human being with three heads. The middle head symbolized the 'High Self', with its clear, bright facial expression. The 'Lower Self', that is, your soul had a light-gray face and this showed to the left of the entity. As already mentioned, the soul is perfect in Oneness, but in Polarity it takes on slight traits of imperfection. Believe it, we will make this clear to you later. On the right side was your 'Middle Self' with a dark face color. See it like this, for your understanding.


Your middle self has nothing to do with your conscious mind, no, your middle self symbolizes your spirit that resides within you and wants to become perfect. The spirit is not perfect, neither in polarity, nor in oneness, see it this way, this spirit needs to be developed. This spirit is a being of feeling with your heart. Develop your heart, your charity and your spirit will be perfected. This development requires many incarnations and man often does not realize the meaning of his life, his task. People walk aimlessly, do not take care of their heart and spirit, but reflect on their habits, look for the material values of life and many, many will reach their goal very late. 


Yes Walter, this clarification was in the room and now I hope that you have come a little closer to your task, your meaning of life. Look at it this way and have faith. All three entities communicate with each other in unity and are carried by the love of God. These entities, which in the last consequence form your I, see this earth as a learning planet, where optimal formations are possible. Again and again new role books are written for the incarnations in order to train the 'Middle Self', that is your spirit within you. 


For this purpose, you have been given the conscious mind, which is an aspect of your 'Middle Self' and is always anxious to learn and ultimately recognize as much as possible. Realization and right action is above all. Let your heart speak, feel with your heart, and put your conscious mind in the background. The mind only recognizes logical things, often things that are foreign to life and growth. Look at it this way, with your mind you experience your confrontation here, you can distinguish, you can also learn and recognize. But the pure mind cannot solve tasks of interpersonal relations. Look at it this way, the mind is too rational, it does not know the deeper layers of the spirit that wants to be developed. 

A mixture of 50% mind and 50% heart would be optinmal to complete this earthly path of life in every relationship. Look at it this way, your mind is a conscious device for you to recognize. Your heart sees life basics with other eyes and works with the feelings. The right mixture results in a meaningful existence and can develop your mind optimally. 

So now your 'Middle Self' also wants to have its say. Have faith. 


Dear Walter, I am your middle self, a part of your 'I'. It may be that this seems completely illogical to you and yet I exist and am your spirit that carries you. 


With all your advantages or disadvantages, realize that I belong to your unity and basically represent an independent entity. See it this way for your benefit and have faith. I am included here in your life unit so that your heart and mind may develop me and bring me to perfect maturity. This maturity will soon be completed when you work more with your heart. Your heart says yes, your mind says no, this you already know, develop me further until perfect maturity and I will move into the levels of omnipotence. I am' means 'you', your spirit. After completion of all incarnations and entering the planes of omnipotence, there is a separation of the trinity. 


Your 'High Self', which at first symbolizes an entity from omnipotence, separates from you in the same way as your soul, i.e. your 'Lower Self'. As a spirit you become free and perfect in oneness, since you have learned.


Your inner values and characteristics from your last life remain and also shape your further existence. Now you have to imagine it like this, in oneness with the divine level you live in the compound. You think and feel the same way as all beings in this highest level. 

But it is more a feeling than a thinking, see it like this. In this unity of omnipotence, you get your tasks to guide and accompany other entities, your relatives or acquaintances, until they have also found the way to the perfection of the spirit. Believe me, this is your way and the way of all of us.


Your path in this last life is marked, with joy in your heart, love for people, under the guidance of the Trinity of God. You will achieve a great deal in this life if you set your mind to it and listen to your guides. Stick to the instructions of your guides and you will be fine and will accomplish your tasks in this life, Walter.

God is watching over you and protecting you in all your ways and accompanying you to the levels of omnipotence. Think of it this way Walter for your benefit. I love you, 'I am'.


Walter, this one was a bit of a surprise for you and I hope you realized the connections. Develop with your heart and we will help you to understand. Your heart is already very well developed, do not let yourself be influenced so much by your mind. But, this you have already recognized. Live and let live is a language of the heart and not of the mind. 

You are an actor in this life with a very specific role that you have learned and are now to play. Learned insofar as you have learned and recognized from your mistakes of past incarnations that accompany yourself in your subtle shell. Look at it this way, for your understanding. Love is the supreme commandment, which you should always carry in your heart and thus achieve the ascension easily. However, and to which religious affiliation people also belong, everyone must find his own way. If this is a path of love, every spirit can reach perfection. Religions are only life contents, guidelines, points of orientation for people who are looking for the meaning of life and often do not find it here.

The meaning of life is: Love your neighbor as yourself and you have created your own religion. Orient yourselves according to it and you will find the way. Dear Walter, for your joy today a friend will introduce herself to you, whom you have known for many incarnations and who accompanies you, your sister M.


Hello Walter, my best, this is your sister M., I am especially happy to be able to talk to you today and I have been waiting for this for a long time. I love you my brother, as you love me, we have been together many times in previous incarnations, have gone through many lives in partnership, loved and hated, - but Walter, this was so. Your lives were not always the most successful, just as mine were not.


Open your heart and let the love of God in and you will experience your miracle, Walter. I accompany you on many ways and we are very closely connected. 


Trust me, you have seen me in the dream, at that time, I really have this appearance today. I have also completed my incarnations and all of us are waiting for you so that we can all go home together. Stay in love, it is the only right way you can go, Walter.


I love you very much, our deep connection will remain forever and you will see, everything will be fine. Too bad we couldn't have a better conversation on the anniversary of Mother's death, we picked Mother up and she had a very nice transition. With your love and ours, she overcame it well to come to us. She was very surprised - except for Dad, she didn't know anyone anymore and then we had to explain everything to her. She was very happy to see us again, but at the same time she was crying for her children.


But she understood and today she is doing wonderfully. She has her youthful appearance again, as you experienced her in your dreams. Her thoughts are so often with you and she accompanies you on all your ways, as I do with you, Walter, I love you.


See it this way, but soon the day will come when we will meet again. I live here with a partner whom I also love very much and we also have connections to past lives. You don't know him, but you will soon.


My dear Walter, I accompany you and feel deeply honored that this love can still be present and so strong. Be strong in love with God and you will achieve everything in your life. God bless you, M.


Walter, pray the 'Our Father' several times a day it is an important part of getting the fear under control. This 'Our Father' is like a mantra and connects with the vibrations of our almighty Father. Walter, we are convinced you will make it and we support you to go your way. Don't give fear a chance anymore, you will get a grip on it. We know that you still need some time and we do not blame you. 


Pray more often and you will overcome the fear, God and WE will support you.


We love you very much.  Padmasambhava


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