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Channeling #15 from 27.03.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


15. channeling 27.03.96



Topic: Emergence of the Light


So, today we will deal with further topics of light. Light is a constant, a continuum that flows through our entire universe. Light is the divine love in its person. Everywhere where light appears is GOD with all his love. The love is the highest light source, with the highest vibration and believe me, it carries all life in itself. These small light particles, are the smallest in the cosmos and these are filled with life. 


Light is therefore a continuum in time. The light and the time have the same factor and possess forces which move our universe. All the particles of light, as you would call them, communicate with each other and can, so to speak, collude and form communities that join together in certain atoms, make the atoms vibrate and perform the tasks that are assigned to them. A gigantic spectacle in the cosmos. Each light particle means life. Life that reproduces in the whole cosmos, carries and holds the cosmos. And in the center stands God in enormous size, as you cannot imagine it. God our creator and almighty FATHER lives also in you, is carried by the light particles and exists as spirit spark in your heart.


Take the love of GOD, feel with your heart and you will experience GOD and you experience yourself, because you are also divine, also creator, as well as our FATHER is creator. We already spoke about it, you are creators of the matter and your thoughts, which in turn form elementals, which will appear sometime to self-thinking beings. See it so in your imagination. GOD has ordered this way in his love to every being, so that the world grows, carries itself and develops.


Topic: Heart


This was again a small view, to the light, and now we go over to the forces of the life. The forces of your life are stored in you and are carried by your food for the physical body and by the light for your astral bodies.


The forces of your life are dormant in your heart. Your heart carries this life and it thus has a prominent position in our cosmos. See it in such a way, OUR heart, also we still possess a fine-material heart, as well as GOD represents this heart, this is a continuum which is represented in the whole universe. 


Your heart is on the physical side a pump which holds the blood circulation in movement, on the astral side, however, your heart has the function to take up the cosmic forces and to distribute in your whole body. The physical body also benefits from this. This cosmic energy consists of a special kind of light particles that flow through our entire universe. 

Walter, today an old friend of yours who is anxious to speak to you will pass on a comment. It is your friend H. K. and it is true that you already feel very strongly the persons who are often near you and accompany you.


Dear Walter, I am especially pleased to be able to talk to you today in this way.

We accompany your way, as we accompany the way of K., U. and the children. T. and I greet you most cordially and we are so grateful to God that we have found this way which brings us back again to the Almighty God. Yes, in the earthly life we have made many mistakes which we still often regret, but we have found the love which accompanies us, leads us and anchors us.


Of course, we were also present yesterday at your discussion, have confidence, and we were very pleased, as you argue. K. could not sit at the end, tears were in his eyes, but his pride did not allow him to hold on. He is still moving on the wrong path, but very soon he will discover and absorb the meaning of life and also life. Everything has gone as we had imagined. 

We live here in a very large community that has come together to promote love and bring it to the world. Your parents also live here and we have contact here very often.


PADMASAMBHAVA is a very high entity which carries you and loves you particularly. He stands in the light of GOD and far higher in the ALL POWER than we. His tasks cover an enormous spectrum, but his love is so strong that we are reflected in it and also JESUS CHRIST takes the same position.

Both carry the love of GOD out into the world, teach the people and other entities and support, where it is necessary. Walter, the only right way is to take up the love of God in itself and to let work in itself.

You already go the right way and we are particularly pleased when we will meet again. You will undertake soon with PADMASAMBHAVA and W. your guardian spirit astral journeys, we will accompany you all, and we will see us again and close in the arms.


This banging you hear, these are energy discharges of our astral bodies, when we immerse here with you, see it like this and do not be frightened. 


We are all very happy here, have a youthful appearance, about 25 years and we enjoy this world to the fullest. We would never have dreamed that it would be so beautiful here. The splendor of the plants, the colors, I can not describe it to you with your words. It is simply wonderful, GOD has shown us the way and we all follow it home. Also here you can develop. Also we have learned, as you have learned very much in your life. 


Consider, strong emotions break our heart, our feelings are very strong here. You had also bothered your father a lot with this at that time, today he is especially happy and of course wants to share some words.


My dear son


we all live here together in a big circle and it is beautiful here, you can't imagine it and can't measure it with earthly standards.


I continue to do handicrafts and it gives me special pleasure to do these works.

Houses are also built here, with very simple but functional means. We can build the most beautiful houses in a day. Everything is handmade, from prefabricated parts, similar to the prefabricated houses you have. If you come to visit us, and that will be very soon, I will show you everything. God accompanies your way and between us there will be no more barriers. Believe me and have confidence, you will experience it. God in his grace will make this possible for you.

We are very often with you, if you carry out your tape recordings. But we cannot express ourselves and we can hardly bear it. The vibrations of technology are too low, believe me


Remain further in the love, GOD will accompany you on all your ways and blesses you.


We love you and I love you especially.   Your father 


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