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Channeling #14 from 26.03.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Forces of the universe


Our universe actually consists of finest light particles which flood the whole cosmos. These light particles possess inner forces and possess the SPIRIT OF GOD. Each light particle fills a quite certain and defined space, where each also means a kind of light point. See it so, for your understanding. The whole cosmos is in movement. Not only, as already discussed, a pulsating takes place, but a coming and going. A rotation, a rotation bundled in itself. If you observe pictures of galaxies, you recognize vortices, these are rotation movements of the cosmos. The whole cosmos whirls, if you want so and the acceleration forces are transferred to every single planet. A gigantic firework from God's grace. From rotation life develops, this life is already carried by the smallest light particles and develops the whole cosmos. 


Every particle has its fixed point in the cosmos and every particle has consciousness. A consciousness that defines exactly at this time its determination. Thus the stone knows that it is carried by billions and billions of finest light particles and each one takes the vibration of the stone, thus reaches a firm form. See it so to your understanding. These light particles are thousand times smaller than the atom and carry the information to be either light or matter. Each atom consists of hundreds of thousands of these light particles and each atom determines its task in its life itself. Also one atom has the destiny to be a part of a plant, the other atom has the destiny to be the particle of a human being, a heart, kidney or tooth. God conceived and developed this a long time ago. 


The entire cosmos is destiny and is constantly evolving. Stars are born and die, and people come and go. Everything has its meaning and fulfills its purpose in the cosmos and is guided by a great hand.




Hermann Oberth


Since you have been indirectly involved in space travel for several years, we would like to pass on a message from Hermann Oberth. 

My mission on earth is finished, and you have already heard from me several times. I had studied space flights very intensively and I had developed many models. Models of propulsion mechanisms and models of spaceships or space gliders. 


Today I am on the way to ALLMACHT, just like your mother, your father and many brothers and sisters. With sadness I look back on this life, my last incarnation. I should have changed many things, I was a well-known personality. My profession took a lot out of me, because it demanded a lot of me, I had never thought about the increasing pollution. The fuels of the internal combustion engines cause such smog that in a few years you will soon have no oxygen to breathe. Stay near the big forests, they will provide you with sufficient, healthy and fresh air, which will become more and more important for you. 


Consider that the oxygen content of the water has already been reduced by 50% and that of the air by an average of 20%. The world will collapse in a few years and you will have no possibility to intervene. Even if you were to consider all the measures that would be necessary, it would already be too late. 


The earth will carry out its quantum leap and after that there are no more barriers, between you and me. We can meet, see, feel and also communicate with you or any other person.

This is provided by God and it already gives us a great joy to think about this. Yes, I have always been deeply believing in God and omnipotence and I could also channel in my earthly life as you do. I received a lot of information for my work through this, so it is, you can believe it. Here we live completely different and in a for me, new technology. Yes there are here also technical devices, aircrafts, vehicles and everything what there is also with you. 


See it in such a way, only the drives differ. All drives are led by thought power, for you unimaginable, and nevertheless you can imagine well that first the thoughts must be developed, then a planning must be worked out, in order to let these develop afterwards in matter.


Our driving machines look exactly the same, these are moved and steered by thought power of the pilot, according to exactly defined lines and principles. Everything is telepathy, everything is thought power, our dwellings consist of thought power our vehicles and landscapes. Yes we can design with it, as you can design with clay or other materials. Not only can we customize our own appearance in any form, but we can also design our animals and plants. Our landscapes and plants are therefore of an extreme beauty that we cannot describe with your words. 


The world is a wonderful creation of our almighty FATHER, but we are also a part of HIM and are also able to shape and create. If you like, our thoughts reflect matter and life is created, or things are created that are developed for our benefit. The world up here is wonderful. God in His grace has heard our pleas and we have a land of milk and honey and a table setting at the same time. 


It is wonderful to be here. People are engaged in all artistic professions. Teachers as well as students, help the people who come to us from your side and accompany those who go over to you again and incarnate. Many accompany you in your life, help you, send you the right ideas; learn to feel, as PADMASAMBHAVA teaches you.


He is a great master, not only by his height, but also by his love. His love is so strong that he makes many people happy with it. His expressiveness, his will, his patience and his love are inexhaustible. A strong personality in the light of GOD, these entities, as also JESUS CHRIST and many others carry the ALL POWER in the love of GOD.


PADMASAMBHAVA lets say to you that he loves you particularly and stands to you always aside. Your thoughts will arrange very soon, you get the necessary help. Become strong in the faith in God and the Almighty, this is the only way to return to God, to look at him and to honor him. See it in such a way, your thoughts confuse you still very often, but be confident, you will manage it, also I had to fight in the same way and I was also helped, you will see. Thoughts are powerful forces that can build or destroy everything. Stay in love, this is the only right way. Tell your friends about our conversation and also tell them that in a few years we will also be able to communicate with each other soon. The barriers will fall and turn to dust and a new generation of people will populate this earth. The time is ripe, go ahead and tell them, don't be distracted. 


Many people still need last impulses to recognize. God is the love and the light, he will lead you and you, until the end of the world. With it the whole cosmos is not meant, but concerns only your earth which will dissolve in some billion years in dust and only tiny particles of it will be present in the cosmos. All life develops further in an unimaginable speed. New planets will emerge from giant gas clouds that roam our galaxies.

Your now discovered black holes exist, these form the basic substance of all life that is formed in rotation. The black holes are no parallel worlds in your sense, they are so-called vacuum cleaners which race almost invisibly through the universe and suck in all particles, thus carry out cleaning processes and compress all particles to new matter. 


With it also new planets are created. There are in the cosmos, many development possibilities and everything lies wonderfully in God's hand. Everything is steered and controlled by HIM and fills the whole space with his grace. No dust grain, no soul and no spirit are lost. A principle of the earthly physics which is valid everywhere in the cosmos. In these days you observe in the sky a comet, which we gave the name "Kaspar", this comet is a harbinger of further changes in our cosmos and on your earth. In former times comets had frightened mankind, because it was assumed that these would graze or hit the earth. This fear still resulted from the deflection of a planet or comet that destroyed Atlantis and Mu.

This fear carries you to this day, for in your deepest being you have this knowledge that giant comets often afflicted the earth in the early days. Do not be afraid, however, a comet impact there will be no more in this form. 



Dear Walter, it has pleased me very much to be allowed to speak you in this form, an act of the grace of GOD.

Sincerely, Hermann Oberth.

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