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Channeling #6 from 19.03.1996                            (Channel medium Walter Horn)


Theme: Fidelity, feelings  and sickness


6. channel 19.03.96

Dear Walter,

Today you will deal with some laws. The day before yesterday we discussed love, today we will discuss fidelity. Fidelity is a proof of love and includes everything living in your life. Fidelity is a virtue that you should take into your hearts and let it grow. Fidelity is a noble energy that all people should carry within them.

GOD wants that also you carry the faithfulness in you and be in the firm faith in HIM. Faithfulness is a proof of his love to you and also a proof of your love to HIM.

Remain faithful to HIM until the end of your life, whatever may come, this faithfulness will inspire you to everything and accompany you on all ways.


Like the love, the hate and other energies, the loyalty is also an energy with with immeasurable powers. Fidelity moves the whole universe and is carried by the light particles of love.


Fidelity is the most beautiful virtue, fidelity to yourself, to your abilities, to your heart.


Fidelity includes all the thoughts of your heart and love, fidelity forgives others, is not courtly, and does not enter the shallows of life. Be faithful to yourself, and you will also be faithful to others. Faithfulness is truth, like a candle in the glow of the light, take this truth in your heart and do not despair. We will support you in all relationships. If you can receive faithfulness in your heart, you will also be able to receive love.

This will come true as soon as you begin to put it into practice. Love your neighbor as yourself and trust him to do what you would trust yourself to do. Hold back on wrong thoughts that influence your heart.

Do not move in circles, go ahead and move the world with your thoughts, with your feelings and with your heart. If you feel with your heart you will get all the answers.

Today we will go a little further with the feelings. Feelings are movements of your heart that carry you and take in what seems important to you.

Feelings require the knowledge of empathy in your daily life, in your job and with your family. Feel into your heart and you will receive all the answers. Be confident, you will be carried and you may ask anything, even your intimate desires.

After this little interruption we will continue with the feelings. Feelings can also hinder your progress if you do not bring them in harmony with your life and your destiny, often your ego is so dominant that all feelings of the heart are suppressed. Try to balance these things through love. Go into your heart and feel which way you can go. Connect with your heart as you connect with me. Just imagine this connecting cord and you will get the answer that moves you. Have faith, you will see that it works.

In this way you can communicate with every organ of your body, but also with the organs of your patient. You can also use your monitor and you will see that the message of your organs will prove you right.

Here, after a short time, you will be able to judge to what extent a change has been made in the organs. Have confidence, what I am telling you is true and you know it in your heart. Practice diagnosing in this way, taking time to first talk to and question your own organs. They will answer you and you will be amazed at the precision with which this will happen. Your organs know themselves best and will also find the appropriate remedy with your words.

You have already learned this way of communication with H.K.. With this you can also make remote diagnoses at any time, only it is of course more favorable when you are face to face with your patients. Maybe you should try both in the beginning, you will find the best solution. Have faith, it will be so, in this way you will learn a lot about your body and of course you will also communicate with your soul. The soul is, as you rightly said, a transducer, a transformer that moves our mind and body. An engine that, when it takes a damage, this is due to soul causes. Realize that 90% of all diseases are due to mental causes, 3% are due to bone changes and 7% are due to earth rays and electromagnetic fields. Realize this for your benefit.

Take note that these things belong to your daily life and accompany you throughout your life. Already in the next higher levels there are no more diseases in your sense.

Diseases are changes of your mind, misadjustments of your mind whose cause, to recognize this, is very important. Search the causes and you can eliminate all diseases permanently. The proof is LOVE.

LOVE is able to dissolve all diseases, even the most serious ones. Start loving yourself and you will become healthy. Ask where you still have problems, we are at your side and protect you. Have faith in love, it will accompany you throughout your life. Recognize that all life consists of vibrations. Every change of vibration that is not in harmony with love and your life brings disturbances in your health balance, pay attention to this !

Tensions come from too little movement. Take the time every day to perform movements that attack your organism. The "Five Tibetans" are also excellent for this.

We both practiced these many hundreds of years ago. These consist of a basic mixture of gymnastics and a loosening of the soul, which of course also suffers greatly from tension.

Massage is the most beneficial way to eliminate tension. In it and through each movement, particles of light flowing through the hands and fingers are introduced into the body. The muscles are moved and vibrate, stimulating and resonating the molecules of the body and soul. Massage is the best proof of love to help other people. You are supporting the process of life and giving the energy that your patient needs. For today we will close with the training. You have experienced a lot and realize that we love you.


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